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Incorporated by Royal Charter
For Financial Services Professionals
Members' Area

Master’s Committee


Mr Frank Moxon Master
Alderman & Sheriff Peter Estlin Deputy Master & Senior Warden
Mr Mark Sismey-Durrant Middle Warden
Ms Karina Robinson Junior Warden
Mr Michael Llewelyn-Jones Immediate Past Master
Mr Mark Seligman Past Master
Ms Jane Platt CBE Past Master
Mr Mark Garvin Past Master
Mr John Elder Chairman       Liverymen's committee
Mr Chris Jolly Chairman       Membership committee
Deputy Robert Merrett Chairman       Finance committee
Mr Alex Rottenburg Chairman       Communications committee
Mrs Jean Stevenson Chairman       Charity & Education committee
Mr Jason Van Praagh Chairman       Events committee
Secretary The Clerk

Associates Committee


Mr Jordan Buck (Chairman)
Mr Maximus Asmelash
Miss Laura Whitehead
Miss Kerttu Kulasepp
Mr Chetan Champaneri
Mr Chris Sanders
Mr Mark Cazaly


Events Committee


Mr Jordan Buck (Secretary)
Mr Guy Saxton
Mr Philip Pickard
Mr Edward Charlton
Mr Frank Moxon (Senior Warden)
Mr NIck Garnish
Mr Jason Van Praagh (Chairman)
Ms Frederique Pierre-Pierre
Sidney Celia Ross
Mr Tom Fitzgerald O'Connor
Mr Michael Brigden


Charity and Education Committee


Mr Gerald Davies
Alderman Peter Estlin (Middle Warden)
Mr Mark Sismey-Durrant
Mrs Jean Stevenson (Chairman)
Mr Jon Norton
Mr Thomas Newman
Mr William Whitehead
Mr Anthony Rhodes
Mr Paul Thornhill ACIB FSI
Mr Gerald Ashley
Mr Chetan Champaneri


Communications Committee


Mr Alexander Rottenburg (Chairman)
Mr Maximus Asmelash
Mr Tony Rhodes
Ms Sidney Celia Ross
Mr Bernard Strange
Mr Michael McKee
Mr Mark Henthorne
Mr Frank Moxon (Senior Warden)
Ms Karina Robinson
Mr John Thirlwell
Mr Christopher Bond
Mr Mark Cazaly
 Ms Harriet Agnew


‘The International Banker’ Editorial Board


Christopher Bond Editor
Frank Moxon Senior Warden
Mark Sismey-Durrant Junior Warden
Mark Cazaly Deputy Editor
George Littlejohn
Ali Miraj
Alan Ramsay
Karina Robinson
John Ryan
Andre Villeneuve


Finance Committee


Deputy Robert Merrett Chairman
Mr Nick Garnish Deputy Chairman
Ms Karina Robinson
Alderman John Garbutt JP
Mr Tom Newman
Mrs Ankita Patel Assistant Clerk (Finance)
Mr Chris Sanders
Mr Mark Sismey-Durrant Junior Warden
Mr Jonathan Turner
Mr Martin Watkins
Secretary : The Clerk


Liverymen’s Committee


Mr John Elder Chairman
Mr Simon Hills Deputy Chairman
Deputy John Bennett Deputy Chairman
Mr Nigel Brigden
Mr David Dwek Liverymen's Court Observer
Alderman Peter Estlin Middle Warden
Mr David Massie
Ms Elizabeth McMahon
Cdr James Nisbet VR RNR
Mr Alexander Rottenburg
Dr John Ryan
Mr Klaus Schreiner
Mr John Thirlwell
Mr Paul Thornhill
Ms Laura Whitehead



Membership Committee


Mr Christopher Jolly (Chairman)
Miss Samina Akram
Mr Alexej Pikovsky
Mr Phil Pickard
Mr Robert Fenner
Mr Michael McKee
Mr Martin Watkins (Vice Chairman)
Mr Robert Owen
Mr Mark Sismey-Durrant (Middle Warden)
Mr Stephen Winningham
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Company & Livery History
Prior to 1999, it had not been possible to form an international company, because of the...
Structure & Activities
The affairs of the Company are managed by a Court of Assistants (“The Court”) which consists...
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