Alex Short, Cass MBA candidate, pugilist, gourmand and the WCIB’s 2019 Lombard Prize Winner receives his award at the Mansion House Banquet.

A compelling entry from Cass Business School’s Alex Short secured the Livery Company’s acclaimed Lombard Prize for the 10th time for the City based Business School.  Click here to read the Executive Summary of Alex's submission for the prize.

Commenting on the result Professor Scott Moeller at Cass Business School said, “I was absolutely delighted to learn that Alex has won this year’s WCIB Lombard Prize.  As his dissertation supervisor I was very impressed with Alex during the arduous (for him) process of researching, analysing and writing his dissertation, and thus am not surprised that, taken with his oral submissions, the WCIB judges gave him the top award; a true testament both to him and the School!  He follows nine previous Cass alumni in winning this prestigious competition – an all the more remarkable achievement as this is only the 16th year of the competition!”

Alex, 28 and currently living in Parsons Green, is now interviewing for equity analyst roles. Asked what he thought of the two questions posed for this year’s Competition Alex said that he enjoyed them and that the recorded nature of the response added an unusual dimension to the task: “it really required concision and clarity to respond to a complex issue in under five minutes”, he said.

He commented that the Woodford story was one that he was continuing to follow closely and that, from a regulatory point of view it is worrying that retail investors seem to be facing greater exposure to private equity. As to priorities for the Conservative government, that, he observes was, and still is, a trickier question to address. Equivalence for banks – or divergence for insurers? The City is home to an array of different businesses with different priorities and, notwithstanding, the EU certainly has more bargaining power than the UK, even if the UK is too big not to matter to the EU. Which priorities, for whom, will prevail?

Off campus it turns out that Alex is a food-loving rugby fan with pugilistic tendencies who undertook an MBA with a Finance concentration specifically to move into an investment focused role! Two years ago he started training with an ex-professional boxing trainer who once fought Lennox Lewis for a European title - "he takes it easy on me" Alex, now 28, thankfully observes! But it is Rugby that is Alex's hands down favourite. On the food-loving front, he's open to anything - though French food and South East Asian, he says, would be hard to live without. He recommends A Wong for great Chinese and Sam Saa for super Thai. He has an especially soft spot for South East Asia; Hong Kong and Cambodia in particular. “Since I first travelled there ten years ago” he says, “I have been back there every year. There is something about the fast pace that excites me about it, alongside fantastic food and the most hospitable people I have encountered anywhere!”

Well done Alex – and every good wish for your future!

Thanks to WCIB Court Assistant Tim Jones for the article and to Andy Sillett for the photo

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