54 Liverymen (including those Zooming in from from South Africa, US, the Gulf, Portugal and France) took part in Common Hall on 1st February, including 6 new Liverymen who made their Declaration. The Master went through the 2021-25 Vision & Strategy and asked all Liverymen to find a friend to become a new Freeman. Other items were:

  • Simon Hills (Chairman of the Liverymen's Committee) spoke about the agenda of the Liverymen's Committee and reported that a new cohort of Candidate Journeymen is about to start
  • Tim Skeet (Chairmant of the Membership Committee) talked about membership (which was holding up) and the buddying scheme
  • Court emeritus Brian Winterflood explained about the embryonic Museum of Finance, which could be part of the new Museum of London, and needed funds, which might be considered by:
  • The new Fundraising Committee outlined by the Master
  • Sir Henry Angest had generously underwritten the 20th anniversary publication, which will appear later in the year
  • We need to think about what we should do, as a livery company, about ESG.

Thanks to Court Assistant John Thirlwell for the report

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