The WCIB’s second Inclusion event on 3rd June 2019 lead by Senior Warden Karina Robinson was a great success as 30 members and guests discussed making our Company and the City more diverse and inclusive to access all the talent out there. The main theme of the evening was on apprenticeship.  Chairman of the Apprentice Ambassador Network, Jason Holt CBE, spoke about the skills shortages and the innovation imperative in a disrupted world, all of which translates into the need for companies to recruit a wider selection of employees. Many large companies are leading the way, encouraged by the Government’s Apprentice Levy.  There are now 3m apprenticeships across the country.  Jason noted that according to McKinsey, companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to out-perform their respective national industry medians. Former Barclays apprentice Natalie Ojeva, who in 7 years has risen up the ranks and is now set to manage one of the bank’s Eagle Labs, gave an inspiring talk on her journey, including achieving an Apprenticeship Degree. The discussion’s conclusions, which will figure in The Inclusion Initiative, a WCIB/London School of Economics report due out in February, included the very valid point that white middle-aged males are a crucial part of the Inclusion Exercise!”

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