The discussions were based around the pandemic's impact on working life which has seen over 80,000 young people being referred to NHS’s mental health services in the past year, which is 28% since 2019, according to data from ONS. The focus was not only on City workers but included others employed by City offices who may lack the same benefits, the graduate generation tackling Covid and beyond, as well as our family and friends.

It was a truly enjoyable open conversation. Not only did Poppy and Andrew eloquently advise on tool-kits to tackle the evolving environment, Karina expertly posed inquisitive questions taking the talk down unexpected and educative roads. Those on the video were guided to kindness, to ourselves as well as our teams. To note that everyone matters, and how we can lift those in need and be there to listen, before times are too tough to ask for help. Poppy made reference to ‘5 ways to well-being’ and Andrew inspired us with the words ‘it is OK not to be OK’ – both experts providing fantastic ways to view mental health and our D&I subcommittee plans to provide further reading for our WCIB members on these topics. Karina also emphasised that ‘Prevention is better than cure’ so adequate steps should be taken to build up resilience, which is a skill that Poppy feels is like a muscle which requires training in the gym.

Thanks to Max Asmelash and Rob Samuels for organising this successful event.

#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek #buildbackbetter

To watch a recording of the session please click here: The lasting impact of the pandemic on mental health in finance - YouTube

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