Professor Myles Wickstead CBE, will give a talk entitled 'The Sustainable Development Goals: A post-Covid framework for a better future?’ on Thursday, 21 January.  This will follow our usual format of a talk lasting approximately 30 minutes followed by 30 minutes Q&A.  To register for the event (for which there is no charge) please go to

At a UN Summit In September 2015, Governments signed up to a document called: 'Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development'.  This included a set of universal Sustainable Development Goals, to be achieved by 2030.  What are those Goals? Are they achievable? Why do they matter?  This talk will set out some of the background to the agreement on the Goals and place them in a historical context, and explain why they have the potential to provide a global framework for a better future for all. 
Myles Wickstead is a former Acting Chief Executive of Wilton Park and Professor (International Relations) at the Department of International Development King's College London.  This follows a career in development and diplomacy, during which time he was Head of the British Development Division in Eastern Africa (1993-97), responsible for British Government development programmes in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. 

In 1997, he coordinated the British Government White Paper, ‘Eliminating World Poverty: A Challenge for the 21st Century’. From 1997-2000, he served on the Board of the World Bank (and as Development Counsellor at the British Embassy) in Washington DC; and from 2000-2004, as British Ambassador to Ethiopia, Djibouti and the African Union. 

He was Head of the Secretariat to the Commission for Africa from 2004-2005, and the Commission’s Report, ‘Our Common Interest’ formed the basis of the 2005 G8 Communique on Africa.

Having left government service in late 2005, Myles was a Special Advisor to the Parliamentary International Development Select Committee and is currently an Advisor to ‘Hand in Hand International’ and ‘Development Initiatives’. He was on the boards of a number of NGOs, Trusts and Foundations, and is currently on the Boards of the Baring Foundation; the Joffe Charitable Trust; International Inspiration; Enterprise for Development; and the Advisory Council of Wilton Park. His book ‘Aid and Development: A Brief Introduction’ was published by OUP in June 2015

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