On 8th November 2021 the Worshipful Company of International Bankers co-hosted this year’s Monmouth Enterprise Initiative with the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers.  Due to COVID constraints planned visits and attachments to work places were not possible so the event took place at Haberdashers’ Hall.

“The best thing was learning from people with experience in the field I hope to go into”

“It was very educational and eye-opening into the world of finance”

 We also asked students what we could do to make the event even better. Some of the responses were thoroughly flattering:

 “It couldn't have been better.”

“The whole event was amazing.”

There were also some useful lessons for future events. Students particularly valued personal interaction with speakers who had a finance career and would have liked more opportunities for conversations. They also requested: 

“Clear explanation of key terminology. Speakers used abbreviations etc without clarification.”

“More variety of speakers and different race/sexuality/ethnicity.”

Many thanks to WCIB Past Master Bob Wigley, Court Assistant Simon Hills and Liverymen Mark Henthorne and Daniel Yates for helping make the event a success.



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