On 9th May 2019 the Court met at Furniture Makers Hall in the City of London to clothe 2 new Liverymen and hear 10 new Freemen make their Oaths.  Congratulations to all of them.  After the ceremony the new Liverymen and Freemen met the Master, Wardens and members of Court at an informal reception in Furniture Makers Hall.

Here are the new Liverymen and Freemen.  From left to right: Sergey Budnikov, Catriona Boyd, Chris Sanders (Liveryman), Daniela Zloch, Michael Adams, John Allan, Patrick Swint, The Master (Mark Sismey-Durrant), Catherine Raines, Alison Griffiths, Mark Stevenson, Robin Darbyshire (Liveryman), Michael Cole-Fontayn.

Many thanks to Jason Van Praagh and Sergey Budnikov for the portfolio of pictures.

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