The WCIB Court met on 21st March 2022 at Fishmongers Hall in the City of London.  At the start of the Court meeting John Bennett MBE was installed as the new Master of the Company in succession to Robert Merrett.

Following the Court meeting 3 new Liverymen and 3 new Liverywomen were Clothed in a traditional ceremony by the Master and Senior Warden.  The new Liverymen and Liverywomen are: Paola Bergamaschi, Nick Grant, Catherine Raines, Antonello Russo, Laura Whitehead, Christopher Willmott

After the Livery Clothing Ceremony the new Liverymen and Liverywomen joined the Court for a Court Dinner held in the Drawing Room at Fishmongers' Hall in front of Pietro Annigoni's iconic portrait of The Queen.  

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