This year London hosts the 10th anniversary summit of One Young World Often described at the ‘young Davos’, OYW seeks to bring together future leaders from across industries and the world to support the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  

In advance of this year’s summit our Immediate Past Master and Lord Mayor, Alderman Peter Estlin, hosted the kick-off of Finance and Business 2030 at Mansion House in April. During the day WCIB Freeman Daniel Yates gave a speech to over 130 OYW Ambassadors and young financial services professionals. In his speech Daniel spoke about how the finance and business community can help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and in particular goal number 4, ‘Quality Education’. Drawing on his experiences in Rwanda, a country still reeling from the 1990s genocide, Daniel spoke of the power of financial literacy to empower young entrepreneurs and help develop the Rwandan capital markets. Closer to home, Daniel highlighted the need to improve financial literacy in the UK with some 67% of UK adults classed as financially illiterate and over a million UK adults without a bank account. Daniel also spoke about how the WCIB seeks to support education and the financial services profession through initiatives such as the Mansion House Scholarship Scheme, WCIB's links with The Brokerage, and the School Essays Competition. The OYW summit takes place this October in London.

Thanks to Daniel Yates for the report and picture.

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