A fascinating talk with Past Master Bob Wigley whose book ‘Born Digital’ is published on 11 March. It is mainly about the Generation Z (8 – 24). Amongst a plethora of facts, that generation spends 7-9 hours online – relationships, information, education. He’s also met 100 entrepreneurs, whose interest is in their purpose to help society, rather than profit. On the other side, this generation is faced with online violence and bullying. It’s an unhappy, addicted and lonely generation, in which sleep deprivation is hugely prevalent. His sub-title is ‘the distracted generation’.

Sadly, we have allowed Big Tech to become monopolies. We have laws about drugs, drink, violence and harassment, but little to stop the internet. Law-makers have not kept up, but slowly the UN and governments are now working.

Born Digital: The Story of Distracted Generation may be bought on www.robertwigley.uk or Amazon for UK delivery, or www.bookdepository.com for free overseas delivery. All profits to adolescent wellbeing charities

Thanks to Court Assistant John Thirwell for the report.

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