On the evening of 9th February 2021, the WCIB hosted its first virtual Cross Mentoring on Zoom with over 35 attendees, which fitted into the Master's theme "Freeman, Liveryman, Master". Our distinguished mentors for the evening included Master Robert Merrett, Immediate Past Master Karina Robinson, Liveryman David Blanc and Court Assistant Simon Hills. The event was organised by Freemen Max Asmelash and Chris Gallant.

A lot of important issues and topics were discussed in the virtual rooms, including “How to make the most of WCIB?  “How to progress in the company?”, “Tips on how to develop your career” and “How to deal with stress and pressure with the current change of working lifestyle?”, Most of the mentors chose to draw advice from their own career path, which gave the sessions a very personal touch.

Here are three takeaways per mentor:


  1. It should be part of your DNA to have a Mentor for any successful career.
  2. Focus on your developmental goals with your Mentor for a sense of direction.
  3. Use the WCIB LinkedIn Group – we have some useful members in there who could be of benefit to you.

Karina Robinson:-

  1. First find out which type of networker you are (introvert or extrovert) before working on any networking plans.
  2. Don’t overload your mind with unnecessary information as it may lead to stress.
  3. Try to leave any organisation “well” when switching careers, you never when you will need somebody.

David Blanc:

  1. WCIB is an excellent networking platform with common minded people, use it to your advantage.
  2. Make sure you “learn” from your network.
  3. London is a truly International city which makes WCIB an excellent platform to go international should you so desire.

Simon Hills:

  1. Make sure you create a strong and resilient network which should follow you throughout your career. Try go into a career which has strong up and coming growth, e.g., RegTech, ESG, etc etc.
  2. Give back to the network which helped you reached your original career goals.
  3. Switch off your tech devices an hour before you go sleep, they are more harmful than you think.

Many thanks for our mentors for sharing their wealth of knowledge.

Thanks to Max Asmelash for the report

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