The members who attended the Staging Magic exhibition and talk at Senate House Library on 6th June were treated to a fascinating event brought to life with the performance of some amazing magic by Dr Will Houston – Member of the Magic Circle. The Senate House Library houses the Magic(al!) literature collection (and artefacts) of legendary magician, Harry Price.  Curator Tansy Barton reviewed the evolution of magical tricks and trickery going back to the earliest manuscript from c1530.  This was interspersed with tricks and backed up by an excellent exhibition.   

The library houses around 2m books and items and represents the main reference library of the University of London.  Described by Dickens as the People’s University, the University’s Library is today seeking to welcome more of the public in to experience its own magic through its extensive and important archives and records.  As an extra treat, the WCIB attendees were given a guided tour of the Goldsmiths Reading Room, which houses some of the finest collection of original economics books and documents in a purpose built study area.   

As part of the Library’s outreach work, they will be staging further exhibitions over the coming months and have invited us back to future events.  A very pleasant and fun evening was made even more convivial with a glass or two of wine!

Thanks to Omiros Sarikas and the Master for the pictures

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