Superb morning spent listening to Robin and Rupert Hambro about their successful and fantastically different careers, as part of WCIB’s Toast and Talks breakfast line-up of Power Couples. It provided much food for thought: 

On changes in the finance industry: Regulatory changes and increased competition has led to the creation of a “new economy” -  brand new forms of finance created by brand new type of companies with a different appetite for risk compared with traditional banks. Could this be leading towards another financial crisis or could increased risk in lending be a good thing? 

On Art Sponsorship: Music and art has been reduced in school curricula in the UK and is underfunded for young students. Donations and sponsors are critical, particularly in inspiring a younger generation. Should the Art industry take into account the reputation of the corporates offering contributions, such as those from oil and gas? 

Thanks to Alex Jones for the report and to Alex Jones, Max Asmelash and Jason Van Praagh for the pictures.

Click below to hear a podcast of this event


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