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As part of Pride month WCIB Court Assistant Alderman Tim Hailes speaks to Freeman Daniel Yates on Diversity and Inclusion

During the interview Tim speaks about his career in finance spanning over 25 years and the changing attitudes towards the LGBT+ community. He talks about his year as Sheriff where he lived in the Old Bailey and had the rainbow flag fly from its roof for the first time – a significant event given this is where Oscar Wilde was sentenced. He describes people’s professions, the Livery, and the...


Past Master Alderman Sir Roger Gifford

Sir Roger was a wonderful banker and great ambassador for Green Finance. He will be hugely missed by all fellow members of the WCIB.  I personally remember him with great fondness, for his leadership and kind words. Our thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.Sir Roger was a member of the Company from our very early days in 2001.  He served as Master in 2010/11 and...


The lasting impact of the pandemic on mental health in finance

The discussions were based around the pandemic's impact on working life which has seen over 80,000 young people being referred to NHS’s mental health services in the past year, which is 28% since 2019, according to data from ONS. The focus was not only on City workers but included others employed by City offices who may lack the same benefits, the graduate generation tackling Covid and beyond, as...


'Gateway to City Careers' The Brokerage reports on the WCIB funded programme

WCIB has been funding The Brokerage's Gateway to City Careers programme snce 2018 as a 3 year project.  The Brokerage has produced a report on the project as it reaches its final few months.  Click here to read the report: