16F Air Cadets

WCIB has for some years has had the privilege of enjoying a strong association with 16F (Wood Green & Hornsey)  Air Training Corp (ATC) Squadron based in North London and attached to the Middlesex Wing of the ATC.

The Squadron is part of the wider Air Training Corp, which is sponsored by the Royal Air Force, and  was established in 1938. It is one of 30 surviving ‘founder’ squadrons of the ATC (hence the ‘F’) from the 50 originally set up. Currently there are around 900 ATC squadrons across the country with some 40,000 members.

The ATC offers young people between the ages of 12 and 20 an insight into military life, some air experience, and elementary flying lessons, besides teaching them some useful basic skills and disciplines.

16F enjoys strong support from its local communities and draws on recruits from schools in Haringey. Having had a tough time during the Covid years, and undergone various personnel changes, the squadron is building back up to strength and relaunching a range of activities.

The WCIB sponsored the squadron’s minibus and provides a modest annual grant to help fund the unit’s activities. In recognition of the association, the Junior Warden currently serves as Honorary President of 16F, and other long-standing WCIB members also serve on the civilian committee.

The WCIB was represented in 2022 at 16F’s annual awards evening and the Company endeavours to continue to offer support and assistance to this important organisation.

Link to the squadron website: https://www.16fatc.org/