Aims and Objectives

Within its core social responsibility of the Company to its community (City of London, Greater London and the UK) the Company raises charitable funds and makes grants to educational and charitable activities that meets its objectives. The Company is not active in funding individual needs.

A key charitable aim of the Company is to make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged young people in London through supporting their education, financial literacy, employability and raising their aspirations. The Company's charitable work is primarily achieved through funding for charities active in these areas.

Additionally, the Company supports promoting the understanding of financial services in general. As an integral part of the work, the Company promotes to young people The Lord George Principles for Good Business Conduct which states eight  ethical principles for ensuring that conduct in business is maintained at the highest standards.

The Company looks to use grants from the Trust (i.e. money raised from and by its members) and members' expertise and influence to change lives. The Company reaches out directly to schools and universities, sponsors prizes and competitions and works closely with our affiliated charities, examples of which are:

To see a more complete list of charities with which we have worked, Click here

The Company's Charitable and Educational Work is not all about financial grants, many members freely volunteer their time and energy to support work in the educational arena. This work is invaluable in promoting the Company and is highly valued by the recipients. The companies by whom we are employed also contribute by, for example, offering work placements.


Grant Making Policy

The beneficiaries reflect the Company's commitment to support worthwhile causes and make a positive impact upon the communities with which we both live and work, with particular emphasis on those younger people in the immediate area of the City who would not normally be able to aspire to a “City” job.

Statistics show that our immediate neighbours are under-represented in our sector, therefore our focus is directed at implementing programmes that seek to redress the imbalance by tapping into this talented and diverse population.