The Company is established by Royal Charter (and is not a company registered at Companies House).  The governing body is the Court which consists of a Master, Senior Warden (also known as the Deputy Master), Middle and Junior Wardens and a number of Past Masters and Liverymen; the Court usually meets four times a year.  The Master is elected annually in late June or early July by the Court of Assistants at the Election Court and is normally chosen from the Wardens in order of the Wardens’ seniority.  The Wardens are elected annually by the Court of Assistants and together with the new Master take office at the Installation Court held in late September or early October.  The Court of Assistants also elects/appoints Liverymen to the Court of Assistants.

Court Dates 2019/20, all Courts start at 5:00pm


3rd October Installation Court at Drapers Hall followed by Common Hall for WCIB Liverymen and Installation Court Dinner 


28th January Court at Furniture Makers Hall followed by Livery & Freedom Ceremony

27th April Court at Furniture Makers Hall followed by Livery & Freedom Ceremony

6th July Election Court at Furniture Makers Hall followed by Livery & Freedom Ceremony

7th October Installation Court at Drapers Hall followed by Common Hall for WCIB Liverymen and Installation Court Dinner 


Master's Committee dates 2019/20


19th September

12th November


22nd January

20th April

29th June

15th September

All meetings start at 4:30pm and take place at Furniture Makers Hall in the Mike Clare Room


Governing Documents

The governing document of the Company is the Royal Charter, sealed by The Queen, and under it are the Ordinances granted by the Court of Aldermen of the City of London. These two documents define the role and governance of the Company.  You can read them here:

Royal Charter




The Master and Wardens for 2018/19 are:

Master -Mark Sismey-Durrant

Senior Warden- Karina Robinson

Middle Warden - Deputy Robert Merrett

Junior Warden - Deputy John Bennett


The Clerk is appointed by the Court as the Chief Executive Officer and is the only permanent officer of the Company.  The Clerk is Secretary to the Court and to Master’s Committee. 

The running of the Company is delegated by the Court to the Master’s Committee, which acts as the executive committee of the Company, making policy recommendations to the Court. The Master’s Committee usually consists of the Master and Wardens, Past Master, Immediate Past Master and the 6 Chairmen of the Standing Committees.

The Company is the sole trustee of the International Bankers Charitable Trust registered with the Charity Commission for England & Wales number 1087630.   The Clerk is the Administrator of the International Bankers Charitable Trust. 

The Company has six standing committees chaired by Court Assistants which reflect its main activities:

Charity & Education  

Chairman: Tom Newman

To provide assistance or subsidy to those falling within the charitable aims of the Company.



Chairman: Omiros Sarikas

To formulate ideas and put forward proposals for events to the Master’s Committee.


Chairman: Nick Garnish

To oversee the financial aspects of the Company and to make recommendations for the management of the funds to the Master’s Committee and Court.


Chairman: Tim Jones 

To promote the Company’s activities both internally and externally.


Chairman: Michael Llewelyn-Jones

To promote the role of liverymen in the Company and their relations with other livery companies and the City.


Chairman: Martin Watkins

To oversee the membership process.

Associates Committee

There is one non-Standing Committee, the Associates Committee, which co-ordinates acitivites for the members of the Company under the age of 35.  The Chairman is Mark Cazaly.