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Membership of the Company is open to professionals working in or retired from the financial services community or those studying for financial services qualifications and is not confined to the banking environment. The Company warmly welcomes members from the many disciplines that make up the financial services profession.  This is a Livery Company and all new members are expected to become Freemen of the Company in the expectation that many will proceed to become Liverymen.  The Court also encourages all members to make annual donations to the International Bankers Charitable Trust (registered no 1087630) which makes grants and donations in accordance with Company's charitable vocation.  

Application Procedure. The Court has delegated the application and approval process to the Company's Membership Committee. 

Membership is preferably by sponsorship by a current member of the Company. All prospective members may download information from the website and should request a Membership Application from the Clerk.  In cases where an applicant is not supported by a sponsor from the Company or if further information is needed the applicant will be invited to meet a Liveryman from the membership committee to discuss the application. 

Freedom Fine

£200 (reduced to £100 for members aged under 35)

Annual Fees from 1 October 2023

Quarterages. The Court shall from time to time decide on the Quarterages (subscriptions) to be paid. All subscriptions should be paid by Direct Debit unless otherwise agreed by the Clerk. 

The subscriptions year runs from 1st October – 30th September.  Annual fees from 1st October 2023 are:

Annual subscription rates are:

a.   Full member: For those in full employment and resident in the UK or Crown Dependencies: £350 per annum.

b.  Overseas/Retired: For those resident overseas or fully retired: £175 per annum.

c.   Associates:  Members between the ages of 26 – 35th birthday and in full time employment: £175 per annum. At the age of 35 Associates advance to full membership. 

d.   Younger Associates: those in full time employment aged 25 or under: £87.50 per annum.

e.  Student Associates: those in full time education over the age of 18: £43.75 per annum.

The membership year runs from 1 October to 30 September for all members, irrespective of their joining date. The initial annual subscription is reduced pro rata for those joining part way through the year (75% for joiners in Jan-March; 50% for joiners in Apr-June; 25% for joiners in July-Sep). The joining fee remains the same.