The Company’s Oral History project aims to provide members and researchers with an oral resource of interviews with some of the key players in major banking events.

We are delighted that the Company’s oral history archive is housed with the Centre for Financial History, University of Cambridge.  Interviews and transcripts are available at

Secondary Banking crisis 1973-75

The Secondary Banking crisis of 1973-75, threatened to bring down the banking system.  Known as ‘the Lifeboat’ and organised by the Bank of England, the English and Scottish clearing banks between them lent over £1bn, equivalent to 40% of their capital and reserves, to the secondary banking sector to save the financial sector and, by extension, the UK economy. 

Interviews and transcripts

Roger Barnes – secretary, Bank of England Control Committee (the ‘Lifeboat Committee’)

Christopher Fildes – City Editor, Evening News

Sir Richard Lloyd – CEO, Williams & Glyn’s Bank

Alex Rottenburg – Union Discount

Bob Wickham – Bank of Scotland, member of the Committee



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