Monday 21st January saw the Worshipful Company of International Bankers host its first cross-mentoring evening at ING Bank's London HQ; a brilliant event where younger members received career advice from older members whilst older members received advice from younger members on social media, working with younger generations and so on. Court Assistant Angela Knight and Freeman Max Asmelash organised the event as one of the Company’s responses to Master, Karina Robinson’s initiative ‘Open Door, Open City’ to drive talent and inclusion across the City. which fitted into Master's inclusivity goal of "Open Door, Open City - driving talent and inclusion". The Master and Angela were joined in their mentoring by Immediate past Master Mark Sismey-Durrant, Ali Miraj and Siobhan Walker. Key takeaways included :-

  • People are interesting – don’t be afraid to network and get to know other people. The more helpful you are to others, the more others will be helpful to you.
  • Have outside interests and hobbies alongside your career. It will also make you more interesting as a person but more fulfilled too.
  • Think of yourself as a brand, as a company. Get yourself a “personal executive board” – a group of your closest people who you can trust and with whom you can discuss important, challenging issues.
  • It’s okay to be vulnerable; we’re all human. Mistakes are part of human nature - don’t be afraid to admit them and learn from them.
  • Your mental health is important - pay a lot of attention to it. Prioritising your own values and well-being will help you tackle the issues that might come along the way.
  • Don't be afraid that you know too little - you can learn as you go along.
  • Be prepared to take a chance; change isn’t easy but the best way to embrace it is through action.
  • Senior leaders, do not be afraid to put trust on your juniors for ideas; they can be real innovators and trail blazers, especially in areas of social media.


Plans are underway for the next WCIB Cross Mentoring event. Watch this space!

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Photo Credit: Max Asmelash, Szilard Farkasdi, Alex Jones and John Lam.


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