On 14th April WCIB members and guests enjoyed, via Zoom, watching an international panel speak on fintech and how it is shaping the future of banking and finance. WCIB Freeman Richard Nesbitt (pictured), who hosted from Toronto, reflected on how fintech has altered the sector since his time running the Toronto Stock Exchange. Court Assistant Jenny Knott (pictured) explained the journey and challenges faced by founders of fintech start-ups. Greg Wilson, contributing from Washington, spoke about the impact of regulation and the important role of banks, whilst, from London, Susanne Chishti examined fintech's current trends and subsectors. Topics covered included Big-Tech, SPACs and inclusive finance.

Guests included Mansion House scholar Stephen Ugwudi who joined from Nigeria and 2020 WCIB Lombard Prize winner David Witts joining from NE England. A truly international event on a truly topical subject.

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