The WCIB is looking for a contractor to tender for the Company’s bookkeeping and related financial requirements. Here is some background to the Company, plus details about the role.

The Worshipful Company of International Bankers (WCIB) is a modern livery company, of some 660 members and growing and currently has offices at the Furniture Makers Hall, 12, Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HE.

It is a busy livery company which stages a series of events for its members and in addition, two high profile banquets annually. In common with many livery companies, it has a charity known as the International Bankers Charitable Trust (ICBT) and which supports a number of charities focussed on helping young people into the banking and financial services industry.

The WCIB Clerk is Carole Seawert who has been with the Company some 18 months, following the retirement of the previous Clerk Nicholas Westgarth. The bookkeeping and financial arrangements of the Company are provided by contract, with the contractor working in the office.

The current Master is Angela Knight CBE and the wardens (in seniority) are Nicholas Garnish, Tim Skeet and Ali Miraj. The work of the WCIB is supported by several committees, all of which are chaired by a member of the Court, with the bookkeeper/financial functions of the Company working closely with the Finance Committee and particularly its Chair.

The WCIB is currently engaged in a modernisation programme consisting of updating its CRM and event booking systems plus web site, terminating its lease in its current premises and moving to more modern accommodation with better working facilities.

The Bookkeeping Services contract

The WCIB has grown considerably in recent years and as a consequence has decided that the time is now right to re tender for its bookkeeping and related financial requirements.

Those interested in the role should note the following:

  1. Proposals detailing how they propose to fulfil the role, should be received by February 29 at the latest. This should include fees and other charges and time required on an average weekly basis (the current estimate is up to 3 days per week).

  2. A handover over period will be required at the end of March, with the new contract commencing April 1 2024.

  3. Due to WCIB year-end considerations, it is absolutely essential that the IBCT charity submissions are all made by the latest, March 27 2024 and this will be a key requirement in the handover period.

  4. All proposals will be reviewed by the Chair of the Finance Committee in conjunction with the Clerk and the Master and interviews required before any final decision.

For a full job specification, please email the Clerk of the WCIB, Carole Seawert, on


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